Data Story: Craft Beer and Skiing

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In this project for an Interactive Multimedia course, I chose a story that involved data and told it using interactive Javascript plugins to immerse the reader and convey the message. With winter approaching at the time of this assignment, I found myself thinking about skiing, another passion of mine. I was also thinking of beer at the time of this assignment, but that has nothing to do with the time of year. However, it sparked the idea to search for […]

Patient Education Videos

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In my internship with Swarm Interactive, I had the opportunity to practice many different skills. One of those was video production. Swarm runs ViewMedica, a digital resource that provides interactive medical videos to doctors and patients. During my internship, I was able to contribute to the video library. My job was to turn a script into an engaging video that clearly communicates the desired message with proper content and tone. My work-flow began with story-boarding, then moved on to processing […]

The Muralist

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This photostory is about Scott Nurkin, a UNC – Chapel Hill alumnus and local artist. He now owns The Mural Shop and paints mural across the southeast. For a photojournalism class, I followed Scott as he completed a mural at the Ninth Street Bakery in Durham, NC.

EWS 2018 Interactive

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In this project, I had the opportunity to tell a non-fiction story of my choice with an educational slider. The web app was to be built with vanilla JavaScript as well as jQuery plugins. I used code snippets for the slider, jQuery UI code for the tabs on each slide, and jQuery code for the quiz, customizing the styling of each to meet my visual preferences and functional needs. Explore my web application, EWS Iteractive, and see the GitHub repository […]

PSD to Web Page

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I completed this project for a class called Intermediate Interactive Multimedia. The professor gave us a Photo Shop document (PSD) (shown as a JPG here) and told us to build it exactly the same as a functional web app using only HTML5, CSS3, and a sprite sheet. Pure CSS enabled all the interactive features such as hover effects, check boxes, and drop-down menu. Using CSS Grid and Flex Box, I made the entire app 100% responsive. Go to the web […]

UX Design: Heel Maps

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Click to view a full PDF In a UX Design class, the professor tasked us with identifying a real problem and creating a digital product to solve it. I chose to face the question, “How might I improve on-campus navigation, parking, and information?” This involved observing potential users, researching existing relevant products and trends, creating personas, usability testing, and, finally, designing a prototype. The emphasis in this project was put into the full user research process rather than visual design. […]

The Wild Party

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During my first semester back at UNC after my college program, I knew I needed to get involved with something I was passionate about. The mountain bike club consisted of roadies, the ski club isn’t very active in August and I tried out for beach volleyball but was cut in the second round of tryouts. While it may be an odd interest in combination with those previously mentioned, I took a look at theatre opportunities. I was in choir and […]