Student Visa Podcast and Blog

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After a few weeks of being abroad, I have realized I will have lots of experiences to talk about, many of new friends to talk with and plenty of time spend talking (lol at study abroad classes). This is the perfect storm for something I’ve been interested in trying out: a podcast! While I have no experience podcasting and have listened to only a few podcasts on my own, I decided to jump right in and begin learning by doing. […]

One Week in Pamplona

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It has officially been one week since my arrival in Pamplona. In just a short time, many things have stood out to me. Various people told me about several big differences between life in Spain and the US, but actually experiencing these differences has been so exciting. Here are my impressions on a few big areas after seven full days. Food Everyone that had visited Spain told me the food is amazing. I can confirm. However, not many people were […]

Study Abroad: Pamplona, Spain

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Hello, readers. I am spending the next five months of my life in Pamplona, Spain. Throughout my time here I plan to create and post some form of story every week or two. This is to keep family and friends up to date, perhaps entertain a few others and sharpen my story-telling skills. Please enjoy this first article overviewing why I am here and how my travels to Spain went. First off, where is Pamplona and what am I doing […]

MTB: Kitsuma, Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

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Whenever I go home to Montreat, NC, I make it a priority to get on the bike. Thanksgiving was no different. I enjoyed time with family, my momma’s cooking and the mountains. This short video is from what I consider my “home trail”: Kitsuma. It starts in Black Mountain and runs down into Old Fort. On a good day, I’ll tackle the ride from home, riding from out of my back door in Montreat and going through Ridgecrest. This particular […]

NCSVA Regional Champions

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I have learned that I need both physical activity and structure in order to be the best version of myself. After not playing an organized sport since high school, I finally found a way to get involved with athletics again. One day in the spring of my first year at school, I was attempting to play pickup beach volleyball with friends near our dorm. I met some of our club beach volleyball players who gave me a formal introduction to […]

Student Theatre: Publicist and Set Design

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Last school year I was in the cast of a musical each semester: The Wild Party in fall ’17 and Pippin in spring ’18. Both productions were put on by Company Carolina, an entirely student-run theatre club at UNC. After two very time-consuming shows, I realized a few things: I am unlikely to have a career as a performing artist. Although I enjoy the adrenaline during performances , I love preparing and motivating my teammates to succeed in the spotlight. […]

The Wild Party

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During my first semester back at UNC after my college program, I knew I needed to get involved with something I was passionate about. The mountain bike club consisted of roadies, the ski club isn’t very active in August and I tried out for beach volleyball but was cut in the second round of tryouts. While it may be an odd interest in combination with those previously mentioned, I took a look at theatre opportunities. I was in choir and […]