Hey, there. My name is Rob.

I am a storyteller and biker among many other things. Growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina has had a huge impact on me and I'm proud to call Black Mountain, North Carolina my home.

I am a dreamer and have several big ideas in my head at any given moment. I enjoy using analytical and creative skills to solve problems. Teamwork makes my dreams work. Lastly, working hard is just as important as playing hard to me. I love a weekend spent wandering, having interesting conversations and drinking beer.

Here is a little more about me.

I Love to Tell Stories

I love storytelling for three main reasons.

  1. I enjoy a good story. Whether it is a great article, captivating film or catchy song, stories captivate me.
  2. There is power in a story. If told well, a story can bring about an a amazing positive change. Whether that is prompting people to make more environmentally responsible decisions, or to tell someone that they aren't alone in the struggle against depression, there is life-changing potential.
  3. Stories connect people. Entertainment plus a powerful story create a connection between the storyteller and the audience (as well as connections among audience members). This is something that I seek to use in marketing and branding just as the best companies build and cultivate relationships with their consumers.

Check out a few of my stories here.

I Love Bikes

Biking—specifically mountain biking—makes me happy for many reasons, but here are a few:

  1. Mountain biking challenges one physically and mentally. You have to push your body on tough climbs and on fast, technical descents. Going up and down have unique mental challenges as well. I love taking on a challenge!
  2. Being on a set of wheels also allows me to be at total peace. These days, it's hard to escape the deadlines, notifications and stress of everyday life. Biking is often the best way for me to get away and decompress. When I ride, lose track of time and forget about everything, it is revitalizing.
  3. Most importantly, biking is all about relationships. Spending time on a bike has helped me to develop and strenghten relationships with other cyclists, nature, my own self and my God. The sport of mountain biking has helped me get outside and into situations to nurture relationships of all types.

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My Dream

My dream is to combine my love of storytelling with that of mountain biking. I want to do branding for a top-notch bike company, telling inspiring stories digitally, working with athletes to represent our brand and connecting with customers to create a passionate community of bikers.

No matter what my job title, I want to use any platform I have to create a positive impact on our planet. I believe we have the responsibility to make sure future generations are able to enjoy the same beautiful earth that we do. The outdoor sports industry has the potential to lead the charge towards environmental sustainablility and I want in on the action.

Read about my work experiences and credentials here. Got a project or job for me? Hit me up.

I can't talk about my dreams without mentioning my finaceƩ, Abigail. She and I have ambitious plans to pursue each of our dream careers along with our shared dream lifestyle in California.