Sea Otter Play Promo Video

The Sea Otter Play promo video is one of the most unique projects that I have taken on as Project Coordinator for Facets Marketing in the past 13 months. Although I am comfortable working with one of our biggest clients, Sea Otter Classic, this job came with a couple challenges.

While COVID-19 has impacted all types of businesses, events have certainly been impacted more than most during 2020. It has been quite the year to carry out marketing and communications for the California cycling event of more than 75 thousand attendees.

Sea Otter was forced to adapt to the circumstances and did so by quickly going virtual with the first ever Sea Otter Play. I am proud to have played a small role in launching the website, and was also tasked with creating a promo video to boost the event on digital platform.

I was armed with a small amount of assets and challenged to get creative in order to produce a video for an event that has never taken place. Below is the end result that I produced using Adobe Premiere Pro and other Adobe tools.

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