Sea Otter Play

Sea Otter Play Website

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I did not anticipate developing the Sea Otter Play website when I began as Project Coordinator for Facets Marketing over a year ago. Although I knew I would be working with one of our biggest clients, Sea Otter Classic, I had no way of predicting the challenges that 2020 would present all businesses, including the […]

Sea Otter Play promo

Sea Otter Play Promo Video

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The Sea Otter Play promo video is one of the most unique projects that I have taken on as Project Coordinator for Facets Marketing in the past 13 months. Although I am comfortable working with one of our biggest clients, Sea Otter Classic, this job came with a couple challenges. While COVID-19 has impacted all […]

Riverbend Forest website

Riverbend Forest Website

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This was a unique web development project for me because I had the opportunity to build the Riverbend website from scratch. From choosing a Wordpress theme and organizing the information to designing and copywriting, I had fun with it all. I even used video editing skills on the homepage video. My favorite part was adding custom CSS styling to fine-tune […]

Local Bike Shop “About” Page

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This web project is an “About” page for Back Alley Bikes, a bike shop in Carrboro, NC. I designed, wrote and coded this web application from scratch to house a video story I already shot and edited. While the video highlights founder, Jason Merrill, this web page provides some supplementary information but focuses on creating […]

back alley bikes video

Local Bike Shop Video

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One of my favorite things about studying journalism is the creative opportunities. My classes taught me new skills and I used them to tell any story I wanted. Once I learned about a video story project in a multimedia journalism class, I instantly wanted to make a local bike shop video about Back Alley Bikes. […]

Rob Sulaski personal brand

Personal Brand through Web Design

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This project was a great exercise to dust off CSS Grid and other web dev cobwebs. I also used the opportunity to explore new color palettes and textures. I made sure the page is responsive, so go ahead and try to break it. In this simple web development project, my professor tasked me with designing […]

Strong Towns / Urban3 Communications Intern

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During the summer of 2019, I worked as an intern for both Strong Towns, an urban planning journalism outlet, and Urban3, a geoaccounting firm. Although both business do very different work, they tackle the same subject matter with a very similar goal: help create more financially resilient communities by building walkable, lovable and responsible cities […]

Student Visa Podcast and Blog

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After a few weeks of being abroad, I have realized I will have lots of experiences to talk about, many of new friends to talk with and plenty of time spend talking (lol at study abroad classes). This is the perfect storm for something I’ve been interested in trying out: a podcast! While I have […]

Pamplona pintxos

One Week in Pamplona

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It has officially been one week since my arrival in Pamplona. In just a short time, many things have stood out to me. Various people told me about several big differences between life in Spain and the US, but actually experiencing these differences has been so exciting. Here are my impressions on a few big […]