Sea Otter Play

Sea Otter Play Website

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I did not anticipate developing the Sea Otter Play website when I began as Project Coordinator for Facets Marketing over a year ago. Although I knew I would be working with one of our biggest clients, Sea Otter Classic, I had no way of predicting the challenges that 2020 would present all businesses, including the […]

Riverbend Forest website

Riverbend Forest Website

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This was a unique web development project for me because I had the opportunity to build the Riverbend website from scratch. From choosing a Wordpress theme and organizing the information to designing and copywriting, I had fun with it all. I even used video editing skills on the homepage video. My favorite part was adding custom CSS styling to fine-tune […]

Local Bike Shop “About” Page

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This web project is an “About” page for Back Alley Bikes, a bike shop in Carrboro, NC. I designed, wrote and coded this web application from scratch to house a video story I already shot and edited. While the video highlights founder, Jason Merrill, this web page provides some supplementary information but focuses on creating […]

Rob Sulaski personal brand

Personal Brand through Web Design

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This project was a great exercise to dust off CSS Grid and other web dev cobwebs. I also used the opportunity to explore new color palettes and textures. I made sure the page is responsive, so go ahead and try to break it. In this simple web development project, my professor tasked me with designing […]

Data Story: Craft Beer and Skiing

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In this project for an Interactive Multimedia course, I chose a story that involved data and told it using interactive Javascript plugins to immerse the reader and convey the message. With winter approaching at the time of this assignment, I found myself thinking about skiing, another passion of mine. I was also thinking of beer […]

EWS Interactive

EWS 2018 Interactive

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In this project, I had the opportunity to tell a non-fiction story of my choice with an educational slider. The web app was to be built with vanilla JavaScript as well as jQuery plugins. I used code snippets for the slider, jQuery UI code for the tabs on each slide, and jQuery code for the […]

PSD to Web Page

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I completed this project for a class called Intermediate Interactive Multimedia. The professor gave us a Photo Shop document (PSD) (shown as a JPG here) and told us to build it exactly the same as a functional web app using only HTML5, CSS3, and a sprite sheet. Pure CSS enabled all the interactive features such […]

UX Design: Heel Maps

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Click to view a full PDF In a UX Design class, the professor tasked us with identifying a real problem and creating a digital product to solve it. I chose to face the question, “How might I improve on-campus navigation, parking, and information?” This involved observing potential users, researching existing relevant products and trends, creating […]