Local Bike Shop Video

One of my favorite things about studying journalism is the creative opportunities. My classes taught me new skills and I used them to tell any story I wanted. Once I learned about a video story project in a multimedia journalism class, I instantly wanted to make a local bike shop video about Back Alley Bikes.

Almost any bike shop is a good subject for a video story. There are great visuals inside and you will oftentimes find a passionate business owner for an excellent interview. However, Back Alley Bikes, is even better.

Co-owner Jason Merrill has a great story and the shop is full of charismatic individuals. These folks have built a solid community of passionate riders who gather regularly and ride bikes. Back Alley has a story worth telling.

After completing this video, I created an “About” page to house it in a real-world scenario. Click this link to go directly to the web project.