MTB: Kitsuma, Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

Whenever I go home to Montreat, NC, I make it a priority to get on the bike. Thanksgiving was no different. I enjoyed time with family, my momma’s cooking and the mountains.

This short video is from what I consider my “home trail”: Kitsuma. It starts in Black Mountain and runs down into Old Fort. On a good day, I’ll tackle the ride from home, riding from out of my back door in Montreat and going through Ridgecrest. This particular day I had a belly full of turkey and sweat potato casserole so I made the short drive to the trailhead.

It was cold and turned out to be wetter than expected. I avoid riding in wet conditions in order to keep the trails in good condition. However, the night before a storm hit hard on the Old Fort side but did not fully make it into Black Mountain. We experienced only a light rain that night, leaving the dirt nice and tacky the next morning. I knew this once I passed from one side of the ridge to the other on the final decent. The dirt went from nice and tacky to wet and sloppy all in a few seconds of riding.