Sea Otter Play Website

I did not anticipate developing the Sea Otter Play website when I began as Project Coordinator for Facets Marketing over a year ago. Although I knew I would be working with one of our biggest clients, Sea Otter Classic, I had no way of predicting the challenges that 2020 would present all businesses, including the cycling event of more than 75 thousand attendees.

The global pandemic forced Sea Otter to adapt. The cycling festival quickly recreated a virtual version of itself with the first ever Sea Otter Play. I am proud to have played a small role launching the website. I developed several pages, helped set up the ecommerce shop with resized product images and employed SEO for every page. Click the image of the homepage to visit and explore the site.

In addition to website development, I also put together a promo video for Sea Otter Play.

Sea Otter Play website