Strong Towns / Urban3 Communications Intern

During the summer of 2019, I worked as an intern for both Strong Towns, an urban planning journalism outlet, and Urban3, a geoaccounting firm. Although both business do very different work, they tackle the same subject matter with a very similar goal: help create more financially resilient communities by building walkable, lovable and responsible cities and towns.

My role was to report on Urban3’s work which was then published on Strong Towns’ blog. My weekly pieces served as publicity for Urban3 and generated content that aligned with the Strong Towns mission. This required me to write in a specific voice for Strong Towns yet exercised my inbound marketing

Visit my Strong Towns profile to read the my stories.

In addition to writing a weekly article, I wore several other hats. For Urban3, I gained experience in Brand Strategy by performing market research, using Google Analytics and producing a creative brief. For Strong Towns, I generated Social Media content for Facebook and Twitter using Buffer.