Student Theatre: Publicist and Set Design

Last school year I was in the cast of a musical each semester: The Wild Party in fall ’17 and Pippin in spring ’18. Both productions were put on by Company Carolina, an entirely student-run theatre club at UNC. After two very time-consuming shows, I realized a few things:

  1. I am unlikely to have a career as a performing artist.
  2. Although I enjoy the adrenaline during performances , I love preparing and motivating my teammates to succeed in the spotlight.
  3. My on-stage experience can lead to off-stage opportunities that would help me attain future goals.

With this insight, I sought out other ways to be involved with Company Carolina. I joined the executive board as a publicist in April of 2018. In this role, I create and distribute content to make Company Carolina events known to the community. Social media is the most significant piece of this role although print also plays a part. I was specifically in charge of the social media campaign for our fall drama, Our Place. For this, I brainstormed a strategy and created a calendar for posts to implement it on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. The production sold out for all four performances.

Shortly after that production, I got involved with Company Carolina’s musical, Godspell!, working as the set designer. Although the set pieces I built were small and simple, I wanted to focus on just getting it done on schedule and within budget – something that seems to happen rarely in student theatre. The best part of this project for me was meeting with the director to capture his vision for the show, and bringing it to life. Another highlight was working with the producers and other staff such as the props master and seeing how my work fit into the greater picture.

Godspell set