The Wild Party

During my first semester back at UNC after my college program, I knew I needed to get involved with something I was passionate about. The mountain bike club consisted of roadies, the ski club isn’t very active in August and I tried out for beach volleyball but was cut in the second round of tryouts. While it may be an odd interest in combination with those previously mentioned, I took a look at theatre opportunities. I was in choir and several musicals in high school. Being on stage and making people feel a particular way is an amazing experience. In my opinion, theatre is the truest form of storytelling; it physically brings people together and has so much power when actors become vulnerable with their audience.

I auditioned and was cast in The Wild Party. I knew nothing of the show and nobody at auditions, but I had to begin my desired college experience somehow. After a very exhausting rehearsal process, the stressful-yet-rewarding tech week came, reminding me how much I love to be involved with theatre. Storytelling and problem solving in a creative team environment is theatre. That is what I want and need. It was a great experience that I will not forget.